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Dental restoration is essential for maintaining good oral health. Sometimes teeth can become worn, damaged, or decayed. It is important to restore an affected tooth right away to prevent further damage from occurring. These instances often lead to a dental crown recommendation.

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Dental Crowns

In brief, dental crowns are tooth-like caps that look and function like teeth. They are custom-made to assure the best fit and natural-appearing results. Dental crowns are often recommended to restore a weak, damaged, or decayed tooth. However, there are cases when a dental crown is recommended for cosmetic purposes. 

To further explain, patients with chipped, damaged, worn, or decayed teeth can benefit from dental crowns. This is because crowns restore the appearance and function of teeth. Dental crowns are also recommended for root canal procedures to protect the affected tooth.

Dental crowns are offered in a variety of materials. Commonly, patients choose porcelain or ceramic as these offer the best natural-appearing results. In addition, they are sturdy to withstand normal chewing.


Should you be recommended for a dental crown, the procedure is quite simple. The dentist will shape the affected tooth in order to fit the crown. Next, he or she will take mouth impressions. These are then sent to a dental laboratory where your customized crown is made. The wait may take a couple of weeks. Therefore, your dentist will give you a temporary crown. The temporary crown is necessary to protect the affected tooth from hot and cold temperatures. It is also great for cosmetic reasons.

Once your custom crown is ready, your dentist will attach it to your tooth using special cement. It is important to care for your dental crown. Be sure to avoid chewing on hard foods and candies. This could result in chipping and loosening the crown. Also, maintain your schedule dental exams and cleanings.

Should you notice any damage to your dental crown, notify your dentist right away. A damaged dental crown can affect the underlying tooth.

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