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Caring for your smile involves routine maintenance. For instance, patients are advised to brush their teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Doing so rids the mouth of harmful bacteria that can cause issues such as decay, infection, and gum disease. In addition, patients are advised to maintain routine dental exams and cleanings. These preventive measures protect your smile from dental health issues early on. 

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Dental Exam

In brief, a dental exam is administered every 6 months by a qualified dentist. The purpose of the exam is to detect oral health issues like decay, gum disease, infection, hard and soft tissue development, and tooth loss.

Dental X-rays may be recommended as part of your exam. X-rays provide a clearer understanding of the mouth structure and can detect underlying issues that would otherwise go undetected.

During your exam, the teeth, gum tissue, jaw, and mouth structures are evaluated. If dental X-rays are taken, they too are reviewed to determine any issues. Upon your dentist’s conclusions, uncovered issues and recommended treatments are discussed. Oftentimes, a simple dental cleaning is followed after your exam.

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleanings are usually performed by a qualified dental hygienist. He or she is educated and trained to safely administer dental cleanings to patients of all ages. The objective of a dental cleaning is to remove plaque and tartar from teeth and the gum line. Your hygienist will use a scaler and small mirror to locate and remove tartar. Next, a powered toothbrush and gritty toothpaste are used to polish the teeth.

Your dental cleaning appointments are also great for learning how to maintain cleaner teeth and gums. For example, your hygienist can advise you on how to properly brush and floss your teeth. 

Important Notes

Most patients are recommended to maintain their dental exams and cleanings every 6 months. However, some patients that are more prone to dental health issues are advised to maintain their appointments every 3-4 months. Doing so prevents plaque and tartar buildup which are known to cause many dental problems. Depending on your unique smile and needs, your dentist will recommend your best approach to maintain good oral health.

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Routine dental exams and cleanings are essential for patients of all ages. These preventive treatments are your best defense against many common dental health issues. Learn more with a consultation today!

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